The Peak Mountain Camps Story What Sets Us Apart

Thank you for your interest in Peak Mountain Camps. We would like to give you some insight into what sets Peak apart from all other RV, and Range/Sheep Camp manufacturers and why this is important you.   

The Timberline Experiance

In 2006 Mike Wheeler was hired by Mickel Sheep Company to oversee the production of the Range Camps (a.k.a sheep camps) they were manufacturing. Mike quickly streamlined the process and sourced the needed materials and people. The outcome was, a camp that had taken 2 to 3 months to manufacture was being produce in a couple of weeks. Resulting in camps of a higher quality for a lower price. In the fall of 2006, Mike became the General Manager of this company and filled this capacity until 2017.

The People

During this time Weston and Kyler were brought on board, and they quickly grasped the process of designing and constructing camps. Their passion for the product and insight was invaluable as they introduced different ways of doing things and perfecting processes ultimately making the Camps better. Weston also saw the value of becoming a certified RVIA/RVDA technician. Not much after this the Mickel Brothers sold out to a Partner that had bought into the company.

The Future

We continued to grow and looked forward to great things in the future. However, in 2016 things became unsettled as there was talk of the possible sale of this business. Mike, Weston and Kyler were all part of the management, design, sales and construction teams that made this Range Camp company the largest Manufacturer of Range/Sheep Camps in the world.  While proud of our accomplishments at this company, and achieving unparalleled years of growth, it became increasingly difficult to share this companies vision.

Our Dream

 As a result, during the first part of 2017 Mike, Weston, Kyler met with Dave and we decided to set out and pursue our dream, of building high quality camps at affordable prices and establish personal connections with our customers. We love our customers and always enjoy build the camp of their dreams and seeing the excitement in their eyes when they pick up their new custom-built camp. (we love happy customers). As a result, Peak Outdoors was created.We are a family owned and operated business.  This background combined with our training and certification as RVIA /RVDA technicians, and in computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). Our skills combined with this technology allowed us to maintain the integrity of the traditional sheep/range camp, while expanding its potential and use for the outdoor enthusiast, by adding more space and amenities such as bathrooms, full kitchenettes, water tanks, etc.   

The knowledge that we have gained from working with great people in the sheep industry has been immeasurable. Their need to use their camps in all-weather conditions imaginable. Drag them through even the worst terrains, has helped us design camps rugged enough for all-season living in adverse conditions. After 30 years, both in the design and manufacturing of camps, excellent and constant training, we continue to build a product that we believe in and stand behind: a camp that has and will continue to outlast generations. Starting with a blank canvas, we have the freedom and the expertise to do things differently than it was done before.  And above all we can stay in touch with the needs of our customers, employees and ultimately the camps we built.

At Peak Outdoors We Have Done The Math High Quality Product + Affordable Price = Happy Customers!  We Strive for Nothing Less 


Everything we do at our company is designed to build long term value in what we offer our customers. “More features, superior value and quality at an affordable price.”


Our focus (from the very first day we opened our doors and everyday since) revolves around making happy customers.


Great things happens when the ownership is involved in every aspect of the business from the initial design, the construction of the camps, to customer care. Its not just another job, its who we are, It’s our passion. As a result YOU WILL ALWAYS DEAL WITH AN OWNER.


Our family has over 30-year combined experience in the design and manufacturing of Range/Sheep Camps. We are RVDA/RVIA certified Technicians with an excellent reputation for quality craftsmanship that is second to none.


Each Peak Mountain Camp is back by a 3-year limited structural warranty.


Every Peak Mountain Camp goes through a series of quality control inspections during the manufacturing process. Once completed, the Camp undergoes a comprehensive final inspection. Then we take it one step further you are the final inspector


We deliver the highest quality in the industry, but everything is subject to issues, it’s how those issues are addressed that set Peak Outdoors apart.  Don’t just take our word for it, visit the owners page on Facebook (Peak Range Camp Owners) and see for yourself how we take care of our customers after the sale.  An informed customer will be a Peak Outdoors customer!

At Peak Outdoors our goal is simple…Making Happy Customers by constructing a camp with high quality materials at an affordable price while they enjoy the experience before, during, and after the sale. We would be honored to personally welcome you to the Peak Outdoors Family!


The Wheeler’s

our camp